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The weather was beautiful. The leaves were so bright and amazing. I couldn’t resist dressing the kids up and taking them outside to take pictures of them. I’m in no way a professional photographer but I can’t help myself from trying when I have such amazing subjects!!


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A long time ago…almost a month ago, a good friend of mine gave me a blog award. Isn’t she sweet? Check Angelia out here. LOVE YOU!! Here are the rules of this award:

1. Present this award to 7 others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design or those who have encouraged you.

2. Tell those people they’ve been awarded the HONEST SCRAP AWARD and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.

3. Share “10 honest things” about yourself.

So, these are my 7:

1. People piss me off. Not all people, mind you, just the people that stick their noses in your business, grab their spoons and stir up the shit, or start drama that is better left alone. One girl in particular right now is bugging the hell out of me. She’s an IRL person that starts crap on the ‘puter and then acts all “rainbows and kittens come out of my ass” when you see her in person…drives me NUTS!!!!

2. Martha Stewart amazes and scares me all at the exact same time. That chick had NO problems in prison, I guar-an-tee! Who would mess with her? She has this face that says “Don’t eff with me!” I wouldn’t cross her if she was the last hooker on earth. I love watching the neat stuff she makes but holy hell does she scare me!!

3. I speak gibberish to my husband. Honest-to-God gibberish. He’ll say something I don’t like or don’t want to hear and I reply with my gibberish. Shuts him right up. Sure, I get this goofy “what’s wrong with you?” look but that’s okay. Sometimes when a rude cashier or drive-thru window person urks me I secretly wonder if my gibberish would work on them. I want to try it and I worry that if I don’t try it on someone in the outside world that it will come gushing out somewhere that I don’t want it to. True story.

4. I have the smallest c-section scar I’ve ever seen. I know this from comparing to quite a few Mommies that have also had c-sections. This isn’t weird. This was for science, people. Mine is only about 5-6 inches wide(not kidding!) and I’ve impressed many a Mommy with my teeny scar. I like this.

5. We lost our puppy, Harlee, in May of this year. She had cancer and had to be put to sleep. She was our first “baby” and losing her has been very hard. There are still days that I think of her and cry my head off. Christmas is coming up and I will be putting her stocking(yes, she has her own stocking) up like we do every year. I miss that baby.

6. I’m addicted to kissing my husband. I could kiss that man every single minute of every single day. He’s an amazing kisser and I love kissing him. Wowza!!

7. My babies made me who I am. I wasn’t proud of me before they came into my life and they shaped me and molded me to be who they needed and I’m forever grateful and blessed to be this new person for them and for myself.

8. I cannot sleep with a sock on my right foot. I can sleep with a sock on my left foot, though. If I fall asleep with socks on both my feet, I always wake up with right sock off my foot and on the end of the bed. Weird or cool? You decide!

9. I will be going to watch New Moon and I will be drooling right along with the teenage girls in the theater and I will hold my head up high. Half of those little dimwits don’t even know what they’re getting so hot and bothered about. I get Edward. I understand him. I’m obsessed. I know.

10. Everyone I encounter has a cool talent. Some of the talents are right there for all to see and others surface later. I love that about people. My worry? That I have no secret hidden talent that other people find valuable or special. I’ve always felt mediocre talent-wise and that’s okay-partly because I love meeting new people and seeing their awesome gifts and partly because I hope to learn from them. I just worry my talent will never reveal itself.

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I know noone will be shocked to read that, yes, one of my kids is sick again! Thing 1 has an ear infection. Thank you, school and your craptastic disinfection. She started running a fever and becoming “evil Thing 1” late Sunday evening and that’s always the first sign of sickies to come. I took her to the doctor today to find that she has a fully inflamed ear. The doc said it’s bad. The weird thing? I’ve asked her repeatedly if her ear hurt. Her answer every time: “No, Mama.” It’s odd to me. Thing 2 was checked out to be on the safe side and he got a clean bill of health. Silver lining, people! I decided(I’m a mean ass Mommy) that, in order to get her better and back to school faster, she should get a shot. I don’t want Thing 2 getting sick in the long process of her taking antibiotics for a week. It would SO happen in this sickie-prone house, ya’ll! The nurse walks in hiding the shot and she FREAKS THE HELL OUT. Not just normal “Oh, hell I’m getting a shot” freaking out but spazzy beyond the likes of which I’ve seen from this kid. I go to pick her up from the corner she went to hide and? She kicks me! HARD! The nurse brought in a 2nd nurse and between the 3 of us we get her on the exam table to get the shot given and she is not happy and I’m almost in tears telling her that I love her over and over all the while she’s telling me I’m mean and that it’s “all your fault”. By this time the shot part is over and she is still screaming mean things to me and she is not only embarassing me but hurting my feelings. Bad. She’s telling me she likes Daddy better and I’m a bad Mommy and she hates me. I know it was all anger and fear and upset she was feeling but damn, it hurt. I go to pick her up and she smacks me! HARD! I explained to her that I understand she’s mad but we don’t hit Mommy. I try again. She kicks me. HARDER! I tell her again that we do.not.hit.or.kick.Mommy. She is still screaming at me. She spends the entire time I’m paying our copay and trying to get the hell out of dodge spewing her meanness at me…loudly and half the way home. I still feel bad that I made her get a shot. I honestly believe I made the right decision but I know it hurt and I know it’s scary so I understand her point of view. I had already planned to do that if she was sick of any kind. I didn’t plan, however, to get my ass kicked by a 5 year old today.

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SuperGirl and Captain America wanted to wish you all a Happy Halloween!!
And while we only went to a few houses, they stopped to pose by a tree just for you guys!!

The Trav and I didn’t dress up(I was a kitty yesterday). We do hope you had a great holiday with your families and friends tonight!! Love to you all!!

P.S. Since I am wearing an OU shirt…Boomer Sooner, Baby!!!

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