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For all of you who weren’t certain I’m a dumbass: I leave my blog the way I posted it today, Thursday April 30th, 2009 as Exhibit A. I even went so far as to read other Mommy blogs and think to myself, “Why are they blogging about Thursday on Friday??” Yeah. The Trav might be right, blondest brunette!!

I’m, once again, glad it’s FRIDAY!! I don’t really know why I get so excited for Friday because I pretty much do the same things on Saturday and Sunday as I do during the week. Maybe it’s the 5th grade version of me who’s really excited for no school all weekend? Not sure. Either way, HELLO FRIDAY!

We got a great compliment the other day. My sweet husband, the Trav, went to the pharmacy for me to pick up more of my not-working-so-well meds and the lady that works there just had to stop him and tell him something she’s observed. Her daughter and I went to high school so she’s known me, therefore, us for a long time. She proceeds to tell the Trav that she’s rarely seen a relationship as strong as ours. She said that she can see how much we both love and care for each other and our family. She said a lot of people our age didn’t know what we were getting into and that’s probably why half our graduating class has either been divorced/called off weddings at the last minute/ect. She went on and on about how great it is to see a man who knows how to treat his wife(Trust me, he does) and she’s so glad that we are “making it work” and she knows that we’re going to be together for the long haul.
That made me beam. I don’t really care whether or not other people see our love but it is nice to know that you can see it. I have a real issue with marriages/weddings that aren’t taken seriously. Yes, it’s a fun and memorable thing to get all dressed in your wedding dress and put your best make-up on and go waltzing down the aisle but Toots pretty much plays the same kind of dress up every day, she’s just not signing a marriage liscense at the end of it. I wish people would seriously sit down and think before they took the leap. Alot of people I know have either already gotten divorced or are a few years away from it.

Oh well, it’s really not my place. I just hate seeing people hurting over coulda, woulda, shoulda, that’s all.

If this rain continues, I might just freak out. Having a 4 year old and a 2 year old that NEED to burn energy every single day stuck in the house is a form of toture somewhere, I’m sure.

On a completely different note: the Trav is mean. I’ll explain. Has anyone see the episode of TMZ where they show a video of ole Arnold, the terminator, walking to his car in the parking lot with his “manaconda” flopping around under his shorts??? Yeah, well. They played a song that goes with the video and it goes “Everyone wants that dinosaur”. This is one of those things I wish wasn’t burned into my memory but it is and quite vividly. The Trav thinks it’s hilarious to remind me of this and sing the song and for the next 12 hours I sing the stupid song and imagine Arnie with all his free-birding glory and I’m seriously starting to think that I might need therapy for this. It’s BAD. Anyone else have something this wish would STAY out of their heads??
Happy Friday, peoples!!!


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Go on over to Keely’s and get your own button and try it on out. It’s fun!!

Random Thoughts….it’s about all I have. I feel like sometimes I don’t have a normal thought process anymore. Thanks, kids!

I have a looming doctor’s appointment which I’ve been looking forward to for 2 reasons: 1) I want these headaches gone and 2)I figure since they made me an apointment w/ a neurologist and actually took a picture of my brain….that means I have one!! I’m psyched about that one! I’m NOT looking forward to it because they’ll probably tell me it’s not working right. I could’ve told ya that!

Anyone who says that the Terrible Two’s are bad hasn’t had a flippin’ 4 year old yet. THEY TALK…and coherently most of the time. I am getting pretty good with my responses: “Because you’re 4 and I’m 25” and “Cuz I’m the Mommy and you’re the daughter” and my personal fave (swore I’d never use this phrase) “BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!” I don’t know if she’s extremely defiant or if she sees me standing on the cliff off insanity and finds it funny to push Mommy over the edge.

Frinken is starting to get good at the potty training. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about that. I’m not, however, enjoying the side effects of wearing big boy “underoos”. His “manhood” is more accessible than ever and he takes full advantage!! What goes on? When men are born, do the nurses just wheel them aside from the rest of the babies in the nursery and make them swear an oath to never go longer than 5 minutes without touching themselves? It’s not just my son. My husband is just as bad. It’s like they’re scared someone is going to steal it so they need to “protect” it at all times. Frinken, this is your Mommy. I am not going to steal your weenie, son. Stop playing with it constantly. If I were you, I’d be more worried about it breaking off than someone stealing it. Food for thought, son.

Neighbors. Oh, lovely neighbors. I am seriously CURSED with horrendous neighbors. The new ones are, by far, the worst. If ABC had a TV show called “Who’s Got the Worst Neighbors“, I would SOOO win!!! Come to think of it, ABC, you NEED a show like this. I could use some prize money and an excuse to videotape these wackadoos! They have like 20 dogs. I’m not exaggerating. They’re never tied up/fenced and run loose and the ones in the pack-n-play in the front yard(yep, you read that right) are the loudest and most annoying of them all. I wish the constant dog barking was the biggest problem, it’s not. The lady(I use that term very loosely) is something that should be studied in a lab…not living in my neighborhood. You’ve heard the term, “cusses like a sailor”? Well, she’s the reason they invented this phrase. She’s got a mouth on her that could make a truck driver cringe and HOLY CRAP, is she loud!! Yes, my neighbors and all their inbredded goodness….

Well, if you made it to the end of my bloggtardedness(yes, it’s a word! How do I know? I made it up! Ask Cara!) thanks for reading. If you didn’t, I understand. I bore myself from time to time. That’s when I take a break from thinking and yell at kids for a while….joking, kind of. Happy Tuesday!!!

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What Mommy is with me in saying: “Damn! This has been a long week!”? It’s been an okay week. Nothing to eventful but it seemed to draaaag on and on.

Monday was an oh so fun trip to the ER for me. My migraines acted up and the Pioneer Man a.k.a. the Trav gets a little worried when I get that sick. I.E. if I stop talking for a certain period of time, he knows I’m seriously sick!! He pretty much forced me to go after I puked a little and almost fell down. His heart is in the right place but at the time, I wanted to strangle him. He can be soo bossy. The first rave goes to the wonder ER dr. He listened to what we said and actually gave me some new meds to try. So far, they’re working and it’s wonderful!! Thank you, Doctor!!!

Tuesday was my much needed massage and OF COURSE she gets a rave. That woman has magic hands and I walk out of that place feeling like a million bucks!! I schedule for an hr but I’m always so tense that it takes her longer to get all the knots worked out. It’s like I’ve got “frazzled, SAHM” written on my back and she does her damnest to take care of it. For that, and so many other reasons, I love her!! Thank you, Jami!!!

Onto the rants….What would a “rant and rave” blog be without them? We took the kids to see Monsters VS Aliens last night. It was a decent movie, nothing great! The kids were loving it(which is what matters) and there were a whopping 15…yep I counted….people in the theater. Most were adults with children. There was one adult couple sans kiddos, there to see the kiddie flick. I didn’t judge. Just sat there and watched the movie. I’ll admit I thought it was weird but it’s none of my busines so who I am to judge? There are a few Disney movies that still hold my attention all the way through. It would have STAYED none of my business until my kids starting laughing at one of the funny parts and the man (grown ass man!!!) looks over at my sweet, giggling little kids and FREAKING SHUSHED THEM!!! I was sooo pissed. At first, I just sat there in shock. Who the hell shushes kids at a kid movie?? I gave him a go-to-hell look, the kind of look you only truly learn after you’ve had kids. He got the picture and turned his ass around, quick!! He might be stupid enough to shush my kids but he was at least smart enough to not make THAT mistake twice. Geesh!!

I KNOW I’m not the only one completely pissed off about this economy. We’ve been lucky *knock on wood* to not be affected much by it, other than the huge-ass grocery bills because EVERYTHING has gone up. It really started upsetting me when I found out a good friend, childhood friend, and her family are being forced into foreclosure. Her husband got laid off back in January and although they’ve made every single house payment on time, the mortgage company isn’t cutting them any slack. They are having a hard time right now and I pray for them. It breaks my heart to see good, hardworking people like this being treated that way. They don’t deserve it. I know there are people out there getting chance after chance handed to them and squandering everything single one. I wish there was something I could do but since we aren’t rich, a shoulder to cry on and a good listening ear is about all I have to offer. Damn economy!!

I am hoping to get some much needed organizing done this weekend. We are in for some severe weather and rain so gardening seems out of the question but cleaning the garage is still an oh so fun option at the moment. It needs done so I might as well do it rather than nag the Pioneer Man for 2 more months. Have a great and safe weekend and please PLEASE do something more than Im doing!!!!

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8 Things……

Cara picked my topic for me. So sweet of her!! Thanks girly!! Less thinking this brain has to do…the better.
8 Things I’m looking forward to:

  • No headaches.
  • Losing weight! I’m not obese but I feel like it some days.
  • Getting my new laptop. I deserve the damn thing!
  • Getting actual flowers planted in the flowerbeds this spring.
  • Getting Frinken potty trained. This kid is seriously jumping up and down on my last nerve.
  • Shopping. Any excuse to go in a store….I’m all over it!
  • Spending some alone time with the Trav.
  • Getting the Frinken, Toots, and I’s pictures taken for Mother’s Day.

8 Things I did yesterday:

  • Went and got a much needed and much DESERVED massage. It was lovely!
  • Bought the Twilight Soundtrack….no judging please. Yes, I am one of those freaks.
  • Tilled or rather the Trav tilled the flowerbeds while watching diligently to make sure he didn’t mess up.
  • Cleaned my house just to turn around and clean it all over again. Go figure!
  • Watched American Idol while trying not to gag at their so-called “finalists”.
  • Bought McDonald’s for my children for supper like any Mom of the Year would.
  • Made a hair appointment for myself b/c Mama is starting to look a bit scary when leaving the house….
  • Downloaded the new facebook for my BB and played with it for much too long.

8 Things I wish I could do:

  • Get a much needed breast reduction. Full D’s are too dang big on a 5’4” frame.
  • Get more creative with my meals. I’m bored with my food so the kids have to be.
  • Be more assertive.
  • Have my laptop now. Can ya tell I’m slightly excited to get one?!?!
  • Just Plain BE Martha frickin’ Stewart. That hooker knows her stuff!
  • See NEW MOON now instead of in November. I told ya, I’m a freak!
  • Be strong and brave and not cry like a baby the day I take Maddy to her 1st day of school.
  • GET FRINKEN POTTY TRAINED….preferably before he’s 10!!!

8 Shows I watch:

  • Medium
  • People’s Court
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Ellen
  • A lot of Food Network
  • Animal Planet (Toots is obsessed)
  • Wow Wow Wubbzy
  • Medium

Anyone who wants to take the time to do this…feel free. I’d love to see what ya have to say. Have a GREAT Thursday!!!

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I love my babies!!! I don’t really know how much longer I can refer to them as “babies” but ask me again when they’re 18 and 20. They will always be my babies. Madysen(Toots) will be starting school and I don’t know what I’m going to do w/ myself when I don’t hear her asking things like: “Why do we have to wipe our butts?” or “Where should I put this booger?”. The teacher is going to get all the good stuff this coming Fall. She is definitely a people person so I don’t worry about her making friends. One time last summer, she was ready to go home with the Keebler Cookie Man because he “has lots of cookies, Mommy!” I worry more about Masen(Boomer). He’s a quieter type of kid. He’s has been his sister’s shadow forever and I am a little unsure as to how he’ll take her being gone during the day. It might be hard at first but I’m sure we’ll make do with all that one-on-one time we’ll be getting! He’s into this new game that I like to call “Musical clothes with Boomer”. How do you play, you ask? Well, it’s alot like muscial chairs but w/ clothes instead of chairs and no music. It involves me dressing him and him being happy for .4 seconds and then he comes and says: “Take clothes off Frinken, Momma”. I take the clothes off and he’s happy…for .5 seconds and then what? You guessed it!!! He wants a “difnet kind” of clothes put on him next. It’s not a fun game. I’m pretty sure I lose every single time. Who is Frinken? Oh!! Almost forgot about that. Frinken is what Boomer thinks his name is. At first, we thought he just couldn’t say Masen but now we have realized he CAN actually say his name so he either doesn’t like his name that the Trav and I chose for him or just wants something different. He’s Frinken. We’ve decided to think it’s cute…..for now. I love my kiddos and their crazy little antics. They make life worthwhile and I’m a happy Mommy to have wacky kids. Normal kids would be boring, right?

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I thought I’d take Wordless Wednesday’s blog and let everyone know some of my absolute can’t-live-without products….

Here they are, in no particular order……

I love anything Burt’s!!! These products are amazing, naturally made, and GREAT!! I’m especially in love with the chapstick. No other works like this one. I really like the cuticle cream and the hand salve. I have yet to try the feet products but I will definitely do it soon!!!

If you have kids or even if you don’t, these ROCK!!! Not only do they kill germs(especially rhinovirus and rotavirus) but they clean messes up like hell wouldn’t have it!! Who doesn’t like that? The smell isn’t bad, either. I don’t freak out about messes near as much because I know these will get the job done every time.

Scentsy Candles!! I’ve seen alot of Mommys on here that sell these. I do not sell them but I have had a candle party and plan to have more in the future. These candles are wickless candles and you pick out your warmer that goes with your personal decorating style. They don’t overpower but they do get any smell out of the house that you might not like. We had an old lady smell in here that I couldn’t get out but Scentsy did the trick. They have car candles and room sprays, too. You can pick a plug-in or warmer and they have TONS of styles and colors. The scents…..omg!! They have a scent for everyone!! They have fruity smells, baked goods, summery, wintery, you name it!! Love these candles. Check ’em out!!!

Crest Whitestrips Advanced Seal!!! These are beyond awesome. I used to use the old ones and they wouldn’t stick or if they did, wouldn’t STAY stuck. These DONT GO ANYWHERE. They stay on your teeth until you take them off. They whiten better, if possible, then the older kinds and you can drink water with these. I pop mine on before I get in the shower and they do their job perfectly!! If you have a tooth sensitivity problem, be careful. I alternate every other day instead of every day or twice a day. These are a bit pricier than the older kinds but well worth it. I feel they do a far superior job!!!

There are some of my favorite products that I can’t live without!! Thanks for reading my blog and I would LOVE to hear about some of your awesome favorites!!!

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Sorry ahead of time. My thoughts are all over today.

  1. Masen and his pooping is driving me nuts. The other day when I saw him heading toward his “pooping grounds” I followed him, made him take his diaper off and said “Come on, let’s poop like a big boy” and took him to the potty. He wasn’t happy about it but eventually did go #2 in the potty. I thought “YES”. This is the start. I just had to get him on there and he would realize that MY way is sooo much better. Wrrrrrooonnnng!!! What did he do? Got more creative, hid a little better, and went and pooped in my closet next time. Help!!!
  2. The Easter egg hunt was a trip, let me tell ya! They sectioned if off like they always do and to my horror, Madysen was in the bigger kid group this year. What’s that? You think they should all be allowed to hunt eggs in their respective areas all at the same time? Hmm! Novel idea. Too bad these people have their heads up their butts and don’t realize how incredibly difficult it might be to explain to a 4 year old why she has to WAIT TO HUNT EGGS until her brother’s group is finished. That’s right. That’s exactly what they did. They made the 4 and up group wait until the 0-3 group was completely finished. Maddy is very mature for her age but what 4 year old on the planet would understand that logic? It definitely baffled this 25 year old!!
  3. Easter means family get-togethers right? Fun, happy times filled with love and laughter? Hahaha!! Before you think that, ya gotta meet my/our family!! I spent the entire evening Saturday explaining to EVERYONE why we haven’t/might not have any more babies. It should be one of those questions like “have you gained weight?” that should be forbidden to ask. It’s personal. In essense, it IS our decision, right? I get so annoyed that people constantly ask this. Apparently, the fact that we’ve brought two children into the world then that means we should automatically become the Duggar family(nothing wrong with their decision) and have kids as often as medically possible. Sorry to burst their bubble but I’m completely undecided and until you see my protruding belly or hear about the Trav going and getting his “procedure” then BACK OFF, PLZ!!
  4. I have always known I have trust issues. That’s fine with me. I’ve accepted it and moved on. I have a few(very few) people that I utterly trust with anything and there are the rest of them who I am very guarded with my thoughts, my feelings, ect. Every once in a while I will TRY to break out of this and trust someone I have reservations about. What happens? Blows up in my face every single time. Any suggestions or advice on this or am I better off going back to my not-trusting-anyone thing, so I can stay safe and sound in my little bubble of security? Not sure what to do on this one and it’s really starting to bug me. I don’t like obsessing about teeny things like that, but it’s me and who I am and I can’t apologize about that. I just wish I knew a better way of handling it so I don’t feel so crippled with anxiety when I think about the negative possibilities that come with trusting a new person.
  5. I am just now learning about Maddie and her courageous story, not to mention the amazing strength her parents have had throughout everything they’ve gone through. God Bless people like them who fight for what they want and don’t take anything for granted and who love with all they have. There was a reason that God chose those two wonderful parents for Maddie. I can’t imagine the pain they are feeling today. I wish things had turned out differently for them. I’m at a loss for what else to say but I am just honored to be able to read her story. I will be praying for all involved on this difficult day.

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