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Not So Sweet Dreams

I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m admitting that right out of the gate. Thing 1 hasn’t slept well for over a month-almost 2 now. She won’t go willingly to bed and doesn’t stay there once we put her in bed. She is scared. Scared of something. She cries. She holds onto me. Something isn’t right. She wakes up anywhere from 2 all the way to 10 times in the middle of the night. Sometimes she will go back to bed and to sleep without a fight. Other nights(most times) she begins crying hysterically and acts as if going back to bed is the most terrifying thing in the world. I’m at a loss. I’ve called the pediatrician 5X only to be told by the nurse I will be called back and then they don’t. This upsets me. I trust and love our doctor. I’ve never been treated this way. I don’t blame him. The receptionists/nurses that work for him are worthless. I despise them. I am heartbroken for my little girl. Something very real to her is making it impossible for her to sleep peacefully through the night. Something in her dreams, thoughts, or imagination is causing such dramatic outbursts that, at times, I don’t recognize my own child. This isn’t a skinned knee I can put a band-aid on and kiss away. This is deeper and much worse. I have been told to try melatonin and really do want to try it but I was wanting to discuss it with our doctor first. I’ve tried to talk to her about this. I have moved her brother into her room for comfort. She has 2 night lights and a lamp that emits enough light for reading she sleeps with and her TV is on every night. I never let her watch anything even remotely scary. I feel like I’ve covered every possible base yet here we are…..every night the same thing. I feel like I’m failing as a Mommy to protect my little girl. Isn’t that my job? She needs me. I’ve googled and done research on night terrors. Some of the symptoms fit. Some do not. I won’t stop looking for answers and if our doctor’s office can’t get back to me I’ll find another doctor that will. If anyone has any information or help that I haven’t tried, it would be greatly appreciated. My little Sleeping Beauty deserves calm and peaceful sleep.

Bring it on!

It’s been  a while since I wrote. I was honestly hoping I’d have something new and wonderful to tell you. “I love menopause. Greatest thing in the world!” Those would be big fat lies. Menopause is almost as big of an evil whore as PMS and endo. The hot flashes feel like satan is here licking my skin. The night sweats feel as if someone has dropped me in the swimming pool and lovingly placed me back into my bed all the while not waking me from my slumber. The mental confusion? HAHAHA! I had that shit before the menopause so now it’s just worse. That ones just kind of funny. The fatigue? It hits at really odd times and I feel like I’ve run a marathon after feeling fine a moment before. When they say “rollercoaster”, they aren’t shitting you. I feel for any woman who has gone through this chemically or naturally. The pain is still here. Doc said to expect at least 3 months before I’d feel less pain. I think it might be less. I’ve attempted to stop the pain meds a few times to see if I could handle the pain. So far, bad BAD experiment there but I had to try, right? Hubs didn’t think so and got pretty upset with me trying. He hates seeing me in pain. I feel like menopause has made me a liar. I am constantly telling him or my sister(about the only IRL people who ask how I’m doing) “I’m fine” and I am lying about 90% of the time. There are days where I’m okay and that’s not a lie. I function through the pain regardless and I go about my day as I would without any pain at all. It just sucks to have to do that because it’s a lot harder to put that smile on my face for Thing 1 and Thing 2 who have come to watch me much closer. They “know”. They don’t know what’s going on but they “know” something isn’t right and they are very protective of me. I love them for that and hate that they notice it. This will get better. I know it will. I’m willing it to get better. I refuse to accept that I will be in pain forever. I have too much in my life and too many things to do to lay in my “Ashlee Cave” with a heat pad on my stomach and cry about how bad I’m hurting. Bring it on, pain. Bring it on, hot flashes. Anything else you got, Mr. Menopause? Throw that at me, too. Thank you to anyone who reads this and asks me how I’m doing. You have no idea how much your support and concern mean to me. I have very little real life support so that fact that you care and worry, wow. Thanks.

The Ride…..

I should start by updating my earlier post. We have decided against the surgery for now. A lot of factors brought us to this decision. It’s inevitable that a hysterectomy is in my future but hopefully the later future. For now, we have chosen menopause. I saw “we” a lot. The reason I say this is because no choice I make affects only me so Travis is very involved in all the decision-making that goes on. We are a team in every aspect. He has amazed me. I started the process of menopause Monday. I had researched, talked to the doctor, talked to people who had gone through the process, and prepared myself mentally. I was ready. Or was I? No. I wasn’t. In beginning, my new medicine I would have to stop my old medicine-the birth control I thought was doing nothing for my pain. I was wrong! About 4 hours after not taking my birth control that I normally take religiously, the pain increased. It kept getting worse and worse until I was doubled over and crying. I couldn’t believe I forgot to take into account that *maybe* this birth control was doing what the doctor prescribed it for….taking the pain down a few notches. So, that’s what I’ve battled the last few days. Pain. More pain than I’m used to. I like to think I can handle a lot. This? Is a new level of “a lot” and I am not a fan. Another fun twist? While my body is transitioning into menopause for the first two weeks my estrogen levels will be extremely high. I couldn’t figure out why I felt like crying nonstop. I wasn’t mad or sad or upset. I would be sitting there and tears would well in my eyes and begin falling down my face. Lovely hormones. That’s been going on for a little over a day. I’m honestly scared to leave the house. What if just start bawling at a total stranger? Then, what? At first, I had decided I was going to keep what I felt when I felt it to myself. Now I’m not. I don’t care if one single person reads this blog.  I want to get this out. Every step of the way, I will be documenting how I feel and when I feel it…..no matter how embarrassing or pathetic. If I can make one other woman feel like she isn’t alone then I will consider it worth it. Here is the beginning of my ride! Giddy Up!

Right now…

Some of you know and some of you don’t know that my endo has gotten more consistently painful lately. I knew going back to the doctor was inevitable. We went yesterday. I knew another surgery was going to be in my future but what I heard wasn’t what I expected. It’s time to remove my uterus. Lasering off the endometrial growth won’t help much and the lesions have become so severe that I am left with no other options. Everything is so spider webbed together that laproscopy is not an option. I will be having open surgery….much more risky and a longer recovery time. My doctor wants to make sure he gets everything. He is very thorough. He is going to try to keep my ovaries if he can remove and/or drain the cysts that have grown on them. He also wants to keep my cervix if there aren’t any lesions on that. I will have a urologist there to place stints in my ureters to help them see and feel them so they have a better chance of avoiding them during surgery. After surgery, I will begin getting lupron shots and taking a daily dose of progesterone to put my body into early menopause to kill off anything that might be left. This will go on for a minimum of 6 months and we will reevaluate the progress at that time. To say I’m scared? Understatement. Fucking petrified is more like it. This is huge. I know something has to be done because living in pain and not being the Mommy and wife I want to be is breaking my heart every day. I don’t want to be morbid but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t thought this: What if I die? What happens then? Those thoughts don’t go away for long. I worry about that. I am still in shock about all this. They are scheduling the surgery and will call me with the exact date. It will be sometime in early July. Thank you to anyone who reads this, worries about me, prays for me. You, my online friends, mean so much to me. You lift me up. You encourage me and give me hope. I love you. I wanted to make sure you knew what was going on now. I’m scared and sad. I’m trying my best to think positively. I really am.

Wordless Wednesday


I love these kids more than my own life and seeing them love each other just makes me feel so overwhelmed with emotion that I come up short trying to put it into words. Hopefully, it means I’m doing something right.

My Mom….

It’s never easy to see a parent in pain or be sick. It’s a hard thing to see them wheeled off to surgery. This is what I saw last Monday. My mom went in for a laparoscopic surgery to remove some infected areas of diverticulitis that has caused her pain over the last few years. Her pain had gotten to an all time high and the surgeon decided it was time to take care of it. It was only to take 2 hours. 2 hours came and went. Nothing. We sat there and waited. 4 hours later and we had gotten a call that they had some complications and it was taking longer but they still weren’t finished. They are always very vague in these calls and that’s never reassuring. 6+ hours after my Mom was taken back to surgery the surgeon came out to explain what had happened:  He had gotten in there and looked for the single area of infection, finding 3. He had to give up on the laproscopy and cut her open to get a better look at things.  He removed all pieces and in doing so, had to remove over one half of her colon as well. When he tried to put her intestines back together they simply wouldn’t stretch. He had removed too much surface area and couldn’t make it connect. He “borrowed” a piece of intestine from somewhere else and finally made everything connect and this is why it took so much longer. At this point in time, I was just glad to hear that she was okay, had survived the surgery, and was in recovery. I barely heard what the surgeon had said and had to have it repeated to me by my Mom’s fiance, Jeff, later. We went to her room and waited for her. When they brought her into her room I was not ready for what I saw. My mom was white….pale. She has never looked so bad in all my life. I immediately put my hand on her chest to make sure she was breathing. She didn’t look like she was alive. She was. Thankfully, she was! She spent the next 8 days in a horrible amount of pain. The pain never subsided. The nurses told us over and over that she was just someone who had a “low threshold for pain” and left it at that. Tuesday afternoon she came home. She was still hurting and very swollen in the abdomen and was sick to her stomach. By Tuesday evening late she was hurting so bad she asked her fiance to take her back to the hospital. He did. When they got there, she was x-rayed and they found out that all the food that she had eaten over the past 8 days was still in her stomach. It hadn’t been digested or passed. There is a kink in her small intestine making it impossible for her food to pass normally. They stuck a tube down her nose and pumped an ungodly amount of food out of her. They put an IV back in and started rehydrating her, realizing that since taking it out, she hadn’t gotten any liquid. They also started a central line to administer what they call “milk” to her. The “milk” is a lot of nutrients and vitamins to get her stronger. She is very weak from not getting anything from all that food she consumed. They are waiting to see if the kink becomes “unkinked” or if she will need more surgery to fix it. Right now she is too weak and considered a bad candidate for surgery. It’s a waiting game and I hate this for her, for Jeff(my Mom’s fiance), myself and my siblings.  Seeing this, living this is hard. Both my parents have always been healthy. I’m thinking very positively and Travis has been amazing….watching the kids so I can so see her, going with me to be with her. I love how strong he is. It’s just hard. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. It’s hard not think about everything good your mother has every done for you when these kinds of scary things happen. It’s all I see running through my mind. I’ve explained (in a kid-friendly way) to Thing 1 and Thing 2 that Nanny(their name for her) has a boo boo in her tummy and the doctors are working to fix it. They are worried and upset, naturally. I’m trying to comfort them and I try to stay strong for them and quietly comfort myself. It’s hard. I’m scared.