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I know I need to write a new post. I’ve needed to for quite some time. I’ve started quite a few and then hesitated right before it’s time to hit “publish.” My issue is that every time I finish writing and reread what I just wrote, it is such a yawnfest that I just can do that to you guys. I’m sorry. I’m really boring lately. Here’s how life has been lately:

  • Have the kids still been sick off and on? Check
  • Are my psycho neighbors-Bubba and Sally May still inbred, redneck hillbillies? Check
  • Is my MIL still a nutjobber that I’m convinced should be commited? Checkity Check
  • Am I still madly in love with the Trav? Biiig Check

As you can see, our lives are pretty much the same here lately. Thing 1(when she’s healthy) is going to school. Thing 2 is still hanging with me. His vocabulary is growing by the day and it’s awesome! I can brag on my husband for a second. He was selected to take a course for his job where he and 16 other men took a week long class and then tested over the material at the end of the week. He passed the test with flying colors and scored the highest in his class. He likes to portray himself as the hardworker and never as the smart guy. He sells himself short…very short! He is very intelligent! I’m so proud of him!!

In closing, I’ll leave you with a little conversation with Thing 1 that still has me freaking out:
Thing 1 and I were walking from my bedroom to the living room and I casually placed my hand on her shoulder. She stopped in her tracks and gave me this weird look and said “Um… did you just wipe a booger on me?” I looked at her with curiosity and fear and said “No, why would you ask such a thing?” She continues to look at me and shrugs and says “Well, when I touch you like that…that’s what I’m doing.” Every time that kid touches me, I’m searching for boogers for a good 10 minutes now. Happy Wednesday!!!


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Hello Again!

I know you’re probably in shock right now. Sitting there, checking out your reader and seeing my blog pop into your new posts. I’m back! I didn’t actually plan on taking a break from blogging. My life sort of made that decision for me. It wasn’t even anything fun to blog about or exciting. Wanna guess what has kept me away from you lovelies and my blog? Yup. Sickies! The kids were sick over and over and over again and then before I knew it Christmas went and snuck up on me.

I was seriously shopping for presents 5 days before Christmas even though I braved the crowds on Black Friday. We had a great Christmas and even have one more this coming weekend.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 were both old enough to fully “get” the whole Santa/present/cookies and milk thing so I had a lot of fun this year making a big deal. They kept thinking they would hear things outside and thought it was elves getting things ready for Santa to come thanks to the ABC cartoon Prep and Landing. So cute!

This is at the Trav’s Dads Christmas. Santa had just asked who had been good this year.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and I hope you having a fun time with your families tonight. It feels good to be back to blogging again. I miss you all. I wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year!!!

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