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Sickie Update!

We have been busy. We haven’t been doing anything fun, mind you. We have been running back and forth to doctor’s offices, Urgent Care, the hospital. I have had a sick Thing 1 and Thing 2 for what seems like forever. Thing 2 is on the mend but Thing 1 has been getting better only to get worse again as soon as she finished her antibiotics. She was diagnosed with Scarlet Fever, and then “just allergies” by a quack and kept getting worse. I finally got into our normal pediatrician(he’s in his 80s and isn’t in the office often but I trust his judgement more than most) and he examined her and sent us to the hospital for Swine Flu/Flu A/RSV/Mono testing. Luckily, all tests came back neg. The white blood cell count was in the “normal” range. The only thing that showed up was that she had a “virus”. They said as long as the fever stays away and she’s acting fine and no new symptoms show up, she can return to school. She’s been on this rollercoaster for 4 weeks so they think that it’s on the downhill slope. She’s starting to act like her crazy, wild self again and OH! how I’ve missed that! I’m sick, too. That always plays a backseat to sick kiddos, as you Mommies well know. I just hope and pray that all the sickies are close to gone for a long while. My friend is going through a similar sickie cycle. See what’s going on with her kiddos at Momma Says. I cannot tell you how it feels to have somone know how tired I am and feel the frustration and worry I feel. I love having a friend who’s there for me. Thanks, girl!! Feel better, Cbabies!!! I just wanted to let you guys know what our last few weeks have been like here.

I was approached with an awesome opportunity! I was contacted by www.allmodern.com and asked to review a product of my choice. Here is what I chose. Check out this site. I am smitten with this site. I’m super excited about the review and the site. Let me know what you think!!!


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It wasn’t long before watching Thing 1 growing up so fast and playing by herself started getting to me. The Trav and I starting thinking about adding to our family. It seems like we had two thoughts out loud about it and we were pregnant. We didn’t care what we were having with either baby. We prayed for healthy babies, the sex of them never bothered us at all. We found out we were having a little boy and the Trav was in awe of the thought of one day throwing a football, setting up a deer stand, and working on vehicles with his boy. I had always heard that girls eventually go over to the dark side and become Daddy’s girls and boys are Mama’s boys. I liked the sound of that. I knew I’d probably have to have another c-section but I wasn’t as nervous this time. I was a pro now. We all 3 spent time singing to my belly, reading stories loud enough for him to hear and wondering what we’d name him. We talked about what he’d looked like and who he would act like(Thing 1 was all me in every sense of the word, so far). Then, at 30 weeks, the early contractions started. The docs wised up and let me take meds instead of constant trips to the hospital every few days. They worked really well until about 38 weeks. We went into the hospital with Thing 1 in tow. I didn’t want her to miss seeing him as soon as possible. I’d read all the books about the importance of them bonding and I wanted that for my children. It was about midnight when we got to the hospital. My contractions were about every minute apart again but this time they lasted almost 2 minutes in length and they were kicking my ass! My gawd, did they hurt! They checked me…guess what? No dilation again. The nurses came in and said they had just gotten off the phone with my doc and he’d be there at noon to perform my surgery….would I like something for pain? Rhetorical question, right? I was hurting this time. They gave me something to dull it and it did dull it but I still felt it and when they came around 11 to prep me, I.WAS.READY. I had a different anesthesiologist this time and she was mean. She still took the pain away with her nice epidural. The Trav came in strutting his stuff looking all sexified in his surgical garb and they began my surgery. If you’ve ever had a csection, you know they apply pressure to your abdomen just under your breasts to push the baby out the incision site. Thing 1 didn’t cry until she was completely outside of me. I felt the pressure(not painful, just uncomfortable) and as soon as I felt some relief, I heard it. Something very different than I was expecting. I was ready for a petite and feminine cry. I was waiting to hear a quiet and almost shy cry. What I heard was a loud and manly cry. It was breathtaking. It was beautiful. He cried before he was ever completely outside of my womb. Trav will tell you it was neat too see, a baby’s head crying, sticking out of me. I don’t care about that. I care about that sound. That boyish and quirky sound that I was not prepared for. My son’s voice for the first time, was ringing in my ears. He was officially born at 12:19 p.m. and they cleaned him up and handed him to the Trav. He was screaming so loud and the Trav was trying so hard to quiet him. The Trav was crying so hard he could barely get the words out to try and comfort our son. Our son was MAD. He came over to me and laid him on my upper chest. I started talking to him and kissing his forehead and immediately he opened his goop-filled eyes and stopped crying, recognizing my voice. We’d been together for so many months and we were reunited now. It felt amazing. He knew where he wanted to be and I wanted him right there, too. I have never felt more needed in all my life than at that very moment. Today, my son is 3 years old. Happy Birthday, Masen John! Mama loves you!!!

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Over The Top Award

Stefany over at ToBeThode gave me and award!! I love her. She’s awesome. Check out her new review blog. Here are the rules for the Over the Top Award: USE ONLY ONE WORD! It’s not as easy as you might think. Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It’s quite tricky to use only one-word answers! Once you have filled it out ~~~ be sure to pass it on to 6 of your favorite bloggers and alert them that they have been awarded! Have fun!

1. Where is your cell phone? desk
2. Your hair? wild
3. Your mother? Nanny
4. Your father? awesome
5. Your favorite food? Chinese
6. Your dream last night? Snuggie
7. Your favorite drink? Tear
8. Your dream/goal? School
9. What room are you in? Playroom
10. Your hobby? Family
11. Your fear? Failure
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Nursing
13. Where were you last night? Home
14. Something that you aren’t? Healthy
15. Muffins? Blueberry
16. Wish list item? Carseat
17. Where did you grow up? Here
18. Last thing you did? Napped
19. What are you wearing? Sweats
20. Your TV? Cartoons
21. Your pets? Dogs
22. Friends? Amazing
23. Your life? AMAZING
24. Your mood? So-So
25. Missing someone? Yes
26. Vehicle? Patriot
27. Something you’re not wearing? Socks
28. Your favorite store? Vanity
29. Your favorite color? Purple
30. When was the last time you laughed? Morning
31. Last time you cried? 20th
32. Your best friend? Trav
33. One place that I go to over and over? School
34. One person who emails me regularly? Nobody
35. Favorite place to eat? Chili’s

Here are my six blogging buddies that I am passing this on to:

Cara @ Momma Says

Courtney @ Courtknee Rawks

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How I became a Mommy…

5 years ago today I was laying in a hospital bed. 5 years ago today, I was scared and in pain. 5 years ago today, I met the most beautiful little girl on the face of a the planet. 5 years ago today, I became a Mommy.

Thing 1(Madysen) was born on September 20th. One thing that’s extra special about that day is that September 20th is also my birthday. I gave birth to my little one on my birthday…almost at the exact same hour. I remember it all like it was yesterday and I know I’ll hold those memories in my heart forever. That day changed my life.

I had been having early labor and we’d made several trips to the hospital to have my labor stopped. If any one of you have ever had brethine shots given to you in your underarm area, OUCH, huh? This time, the meds hadn’t worked and we headed back to the hospital where they decided to keep me. My contractions were every minute strong last about 30-1 minute long. I was hurting. The only problem? Even with all that beautiful contracting: no dilating. They checked me every few hours and nothing. I think I dilated a fingertip the entire time I was laboring…which was Sunday morning until Monday evening when she was finally born. The doc came in and decided to do a Csection and said they’d be back to prep me. Let me tell you! In all the thoughts that had raced through my head over the last 37 weeks, having to have surgery wasn’t one I spent much time on. I freaked out. I was completely ready to get an epidural and push that baby out.

Trav was and still is one of the very few people that can calm my overreactiveness down and did that day…reminding me we were a few hrs away from meeting our little girl, telling me that he can’t wait to see if she looks like me or like him, asking me if I think she’ll have blonde or brown hair. He always knows just what to say. They prepped me and put an ugly surgical hat on me. I can rock a lot of hats but that hat just didn’t do much for me. I got into the surgical room where a wonderful man called Dr. Bob adminstered an epidural where all my pain melted away and I almost fell asleep out of exhaustion now that the distraction of pain was no longer keeping me awake. I reminded myself that my baby girl was about to come visit us and stayed awake. Trav came in looking oh so Dr. McHottyish in his surgical scrubs and sat down beside me as they started the process. It seemed like it took forever but Trav informs me it only took about 5 minutes for them to get her out. That’s when it happened. As I lay there completely numb, exhausted, somewhat scared, I heard the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in all my life. A teeny tiny cry. She was here. She was born. My daughter was in the world. I looked at Trav who was standing up and even though I could only see half his face his eyes were soaked with tears. He said “she’s beautiful” and all was right in the world. He went over to her bed and they cleaned her up. They had a pediatrician in the room with us b/c she was 37 weeks and they were worried about her lungs being premature. I only got to see her for a moment before they took her to the nursery to thoroughly examine her and Trav went with her to make sure she was okay. I was stitched up and had to go to recovery where I have no clue how long I was there but I did bug the hell out of two nurses asking them “Can I see my baby now?” about 400 times until they rolled their eyes at me and wheeled me to my room. I wasn’t there long before Trav walked in carrying our girl who was bundled up burrito style and sleeping peacefully in her Daddy’s arms. He smiled at me and kissed my head and handed me our blessing. I held her tightly and for five beautiful years now, I haven’t let go.

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I’m so sick of people. Not the people I talk to every day. Not the people who are sweet & loving & friendly & genuine & REAL! The people who are more fake than the Old Navy mannequins. The people who are freakin’ psycho & can’t hear the words coming out of their mouth to realize how full of shit they are. People who are WAY more than 2 face…they’re working on 5 & 6! What the hell is so hard about just being a normal person? A GOOD friend? How difficult is it to listen to what’s bothering someone you care about & give your advice, support, shoulder to cry on? I have a few that are always there for me. I know I can get ahold of these people & talk to them about anything & everything & I’m never an inconvenience. I’m so tired of hearing a “friend” be sooo upset about how their friend treated them only to not talk to them for days/weeks & realize they’re best buddies again. I can’t convey to you how much I enjoy being a stand-in for someone. Great feeling! All this dramatic, backstabbing bullshit reminds me of high school. I didn’t put up with it then….I got into a fist fight in the locker room over a girl talking shit about me(not condoning violence, just stating a fact) & I’m not putting up with it now. I’m done with all those people. To all you true friends, thank you! Thank you for being there! Thank you for helping me when I need help. Thank you for encouraging me, kicking my ass, putting me in my place, & just being the exact definition of a friend. I sincerely hope I live up to your ideals of a true friend because in my book, noone out shines you girls!!

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Thing 1 is doing well at school. She scored 4 stickers out of 5 last week. I was proud. They get a sticker on the days they listened to the teachers, were a “good friend” to their classmates, and did what was asked of them by an authority figure. We didn’t have school Monday but yesterday was back to school for Thing 1. She came out of class with a smile on her face so I’m thinking “Yay! Another sticker!” WRONG! She came up to me and said “I didn’t get a sticker today, Mama.” I said, “That’s okay, Baby, you can get one tomorrow.” She looked at me and smiled and said, “I’m not mad I didn’t get a sticker” and I said “You aren’t?” and she said “NOPE” with the cheesy grin still in place. I was bumfuzzled as to why she wouldn’t be upset because every other day she has been next to tears when she hasn’t received her sticker. We get in the jeep, buckle up, and are driving down the road. I am really curious as to why she wasn’t more upset about the sticker business. I decide to investigate: “Baby, why aren’t you mad you didn’t get a sticker?” She smiles, once again, and says, “Well, you know how when you’re running a race or there are cars racing around a track?” I am puzzled as to where she is going with this but play along…”Yes”, I say. “Well”…she says, “sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.” I asked her if her teacher told her that and she told me “no.” I asked her where she got that and she told me, “I just used my brain and that’s what it told me.” Now, first I have to tell you that I am proud that she came up with this all by herself. It’s TRUE! Sometimes in life….you do win and sometimes….you do lose. She’s four, people!!! Mama is doing something right!!! The only problem? We are supposed to be encouraging her to get a sticker every day because listening to what the teacher asks and being a good friend is important. I explained to her that her lesson about winning and losing is a great one and I’m so proud that her brain told her that all on it’s own but I want her to try her hardest to get a sticker every day. I hope I did that right. Unchartered terrority here, remember? If any of you more seasoned Mommies have any advice as to a better way of explaining, I’m all ears…errr..um eyes since that applies to blogginess but you get the point. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I’m just beaming at the seams with pride that my girl is thinking on her own. Happy Wednesday.

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You know the drill. Head on over to Keely’s and link up and snag her button(the button is seriously growing on me) and play along.
I’m ready for the Obama address to be over with already. Everyone is so pissed off about which side who is on and it’s annoying me. I’m here, in the comfort of my own blog, so I’ll tell you: I’m FOR Obama talking to MY kids. I think it’s a great message he’s sending to them and I like that he wants to talk to them. BUT, what I DON’T like is all the hookers on their high horses getting all “in your face” because certain people don’t see it their way. They’re busy preaching about how “we live in America” but aren’t really paying attention to what that means: we can chose what we want. Leave everyone alone to make their own damn decisions and quit freakin’ bullying people!
SallyMay and Bubba stooped to a new low this weekend, people. Their lawnmower quit. Did they go get parts and fix it themselves? Did they send it to a mechanic? N-O-P-E! They got out their trusty 4-wheeler and pulled the lawnmower that wouldn’t drive but the blades still spun…and dragged it all over the yard mowing their grass! Seriously! I’m not good enough to make this crap up!
I have realized that I will never be one of the influential mommybloggers that everyone loves. It will just never happen. I’m fine with it. I realized this when I noticed that sometimes I enjoy writing things I know I shouldn’t and sometimes it’s fun to write things that will annoy someone-especially if it’s my belief. I don’t care what other people think of me…..except you guys, of course!
I got sick of hair maintenance and decided to dye my hair. I picked the color “midnight black”. Now, every time I look in the mirror, I scare myself b/c I’m not entirely used to the color. I’ve decided it’s a fun game to play.
Twitter. Hmm. I was following A LOT of people on Twitter. I was trying my damnest to interact with the “cool” people. I’ve recently said to hell with that and I’m sticking with my own posse. I like my posse way better. They aren’t too stuck up to actually reply back and they actually ask me about my day and show care and concern for my family and their wellbeing. Way better right?
Birthdays are coming up, which means I’ll be very broke soon. My almost-5-going-on-16-year-old keeps asking for this crap that I have no clue what she’s talking about. I feel like a fuddy duddy. I need to “get with it”. She actually told me “DUH” the other day. I got my first DUH as a Mommy. Now I know why I used to get that “I’m gonna kick your ass” look from my Mom when I used to say it to her. Is this that whole “paying for your raising thing” biting me in the ass?
I’m sorry I’ve been missing in ass <——seriously just wrote that like that and I'm leaving it like that cuz it made me laugh. Try this again:
I’m sorry I’ve been missing in action commentwise on all your blogs. Sure you want me to comment with typos like that? No, seriously. I plan on catching up soon and I’m super sorry! Forgive me, my loves!!! I hope you all have a fantabulous Tuesday!

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