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You know how to play the game. Head on over to Keely’s and grab her “fugly purple button” and link up and post your own random thoughts. Here are some of mine…..

I had a dream about SallyMay and Bubba last night. I dreamed I woke up to a commotion outside. I went to investigate. (This would never happen in real life, I’m a huge chicken.) I find them in my backyard, jumping on our trampoline. Not only are they jumping away and having a good ‘ole time…they are also smoking pot! Why are they doing this? SallyMay and Bubba never surprise me anymore…in dreamland or reality.

My EA Sports 30 Day Challenge is going well. I work out for two days and rest every 3rd day. They didn’t specify about what all I should be resting from so I wonder if that means housework as well? I’m thinking dishes and laundry and cleaning of any sort is probably too much exertion for me on my “rest day” , right??

Speaking of working out, I am officially down 20 lbs from where I was around Christmas time. I’m happy about this. It’s taken me since 2006 to finally get the momentum up to workout and keep it up to make the weight go away and stay away. The thing that is bothering me? My boobs! They’re still huge! The plastic surgeon said that losing weight would make them go down. Either he lied or my boobs are stubborn because nothing has changed…size-wise.

Apparently, I’m a fuddy-duddy. I’m going to be enjoying the 4th of July holiday with my kids and husband. We will be cooking on the grill and setting off our own fireworks. We will take the kids swimming during the day and then going to a few parks at night to watch a few big displays at night. I won’t be leaving my kids with someone so I can spend the holiday getting s&*%-faced and driving home with the rest of the dumbasses that swear “I just had a few, I can drive.” Sorry, that’s just not me. I love my family time WAY more than any excuse to leave my kids and get drunk. If that makes me a fuddy-duddy…..Hi! I’m Ashlee, the fuddy-duddy!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the mannequins at Old Navy creep.me.out! I walk out of there with goosebumps every single time. I love the store but those things put a damper on the whole experience. I don’t know who’s idea it was to incoporate them into the store/commercials but I wish they’d get rid of them. I might need to write a letter. The only thing more unsettling than the creepiness factor is that my children adore the nasty things! Love them! They want to shake their hands, wave to them, talk to them…everything. Weirdos!!!


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I’ve decided something. Rather, I’ve diagnosed myself with something. ‘Momsomnia‘. I don’t want to confuse this with actual insomnia because I don’t belive it’s the quite the same. It is a form of inability to sleep but it’s different. I think I have it. I didn’t coin this phrase. You can find it here and here and probably many other places if you keep googling. I take no credit for it but I do think I have it. Any Mommy who thinks about it can honestly say she’s had a case of it. I happen to have a ongoing instance of it here lately. It’s making me nuts! I get the kids to bed at a decent hour. The hubs drifts off to snoring slumber and I lay there awake….unable to get comfortable…unable to halt my racing thoughts. “Did I put that last load of laundry in the dryer?” or “Did I turn the dishwasher on” or “Did I feed the dog” or “Do we need toilet paper?”…random Mommy thoughts that surely could wait until morning but won’t stop bouncing around in my head. I’ve tried just about everything I can think of: reading to calm my thoughts and nerves, taking ibuprofen to relax myself, turning the tv off so I won’t have any distractions other than the bliss of sleep; nothing works! The more I try to stop the thoughts, the more they seem to mock me by continuing to mulitply. I start thinking about Sass starting school or what Frink and I will do while she’s gone. I think about when Frink is in school and how I won’t have the excuse of “I’m a stay-at-home-mom” and I will have to tackle school again for the first time in almost 5 years with a bunch 18 year old college kids. I worry about the economy and the world that my kids will grow up in…you see how this would make it difficult for any person to fall asleep? I don’t know what to do but I know this ‘Momsomnia’ is making me angry, upset, bothered….! If any Mommy out there has “been there, done that” and conquered this evilness and would like to tell her tale….I’m all ears….or…um…eyes..as it applies here! I’d love to hear anything anyone has to offer. I’m losing my mind, one brain cell at a time and I’d like to keep some of them to be able to help with Algebra II when the kids are in high school! HELP!

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I just entered a giveaway for a chance to win an AWESOME lunch bag here courtesy of Mimi the Sardine. Their products are all so cute. Don’t take my word for it! Check ’em out at the links provided, see for yourself, and enter for your chance to win, too!!!

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We survived another week of harvest. Yes! It’s almost over. Thank God! I want my hubby back! If you want to join in on “Aloha Friday” head on over to Island Life and link up and join the fun. Answer her question and post one of your own on your blog. It’s that easy! Here’s my question!

What’s your most annoying habit?
My habit is picking at my cuticles. I do it all the time: when I’m stressed, bored, annoyed, pissed! I find myself doing it when I’ve told myself I wouldn’t do it. I.can’t.stop. Help!
Can’t wait to hear about your habits!!!

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As promised…pictures of the mistress!!

And us riding in the mistress……

And the beautiful wheat fields…..

Sorry about the dirty windows….I’m taking my Windex next time we go!

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Head on over to Keely’s and play along with her and come up with some of your own……

I have a real problem. I want to fix everything and everyone. I’m not perfect. So. Why do I want to fix other people and other things? Is it because focusing on other people is easier than focusing on myself? Not sure. It’s been bugging me lately.

The mistress is urking me. Now my kids want to meet her/ride on her. I have to take them to ride on her and take pictures of them riding on her. Blah. Blah. Blah. You’re a dirty whore.

The 4th of July is coming up. My favorite holiday. I’m excited about this. I can’t wait, actually.

My back has been giving me problems again. The last time it gave me this much pain I found myself at a plastic surgeon talking to him about a breast reduction/lift. I know I need to think seriously about this or deal with horrible backpain but being out of commission and having someone else take care of me and my kids makes me nervous. Not sure what to do here….

These random thoughts seriously suck and I’m soooo incredibly sorry ahead of time for anyone that tries to force themselves through them. I’m tired. I haven’t been sleeping well. Thanks, if you get this far. I hope you all have a great Tuesday! We are off to the pool. It’s 100+ degrees in the shade here so there’s nowhere else I’d rather be!!!

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Okay. We have a spider issue. I have a spider issue. They scare the @#$& out of me! We have a man that sprays for them every 3 months. I had to call him b/c it’s only been 2 months and I found 3 ALIVE in my house. This probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal but..hello..SCARED TO DEATH OVER HERE! He came and was a total d-bag about it. His work is supposed to be guaranteed for 3 months so I figured at the very least he’d be apologetic? NO! So, was I nice? NO! Not my fault you didn’t do your damn job! No wonder the green goblin wanted to kick your ass!!

I found out something about a neighbor. Not SallyMay and Bubba, for once! This guy is weird in his own special way. For starter, he has 3 pit bulls! Great guy. I drove by the other day and noticed he had rabbit hutches. Nice! I had rabbits as a kid and thought that was cool. I was talking to a neighbor I actually like(there are few) and he informed me that these sweet and fluffy rabbits serve a different purpose. They aren’t used for sitting in your lap and petting or watching them bound around your yard or feeding them a carrot. They are used to feed this man 4…count THAT…4 pythons he has in his house living with him!!! Can we say creeeeeepy??

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