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My Mom….

It’s never easy to see a parent in pain or be sick. It’s a hard thing to see them wheeled off to surgery. This is what I saw last Monday. My mom went in for a laparoscopic surgery to remove some infected areas of diverticulitis that has caused her pain over the last few years. Her pain had gotten to an all time high and the surgeon decided it was time to take care of it. It was only to take 2 hours. 2 hours came and went. Nothing. We sat there and waited. 4 hours later and we had gotten a call that they had some complications and it was taking longer but they still weren’t finished. They are always very vague in these calls and that’s never reassuring. 6+ hours after my Mom was taken back to surgery the surgeon came out to explain what had happened:  He had gotten in there and looked for the single area of infection, finding 3. He had to give up on the laproscopy and cut her open to get a better look at things.  He removed all pieces and in doing so, had to remove over one half of her colon as well. When he tried to put her intestines back together they simply wouldn’t stretch. He had removed too much surface area and couldn’t make it connect. He “borrowed” a piece of intestine from somewhere else and finally made everything connect and this is why it took so much longer. At this point in time, I was just glad to hear that she was okay, had survived the surgery, and was in recovery. I barely heard what the surgeon had said and had to have it repeated to me by my Mom’s fiance, Jeff, later. We went to her room and waited for her. When they brought her into her room I was not ready for what I saw. My mom was white….pale. She has never looked so bad in all my life. I immediately put my hand on her chest to make sure she was breathing. She didn’t look like she was alive. She was. Thankfully, she was! She spent the next 8 days in a horrible amount of pain. The pain never subsided. The nurses told us over and over that she was just someone who had a “low threshold for pain” and left it at that. Tuesday afternoon she came home. She was still hurting and very swollen in the abdomen and was sick to her stomach. By Tuesday evening late she was hurting so bad she asked her fiance to take her back to the hospital. He did. When they got there, she was x-rayed and they found out that all the food that she had eaten over the past 8 days was still in her stomach. It hadn’t been digested or passed. There is a kink in her small intestine making it impossible for her food to pass normally. They stuck a tube down her nose and pumped an ungodly amount of food out of her. They put an IV back in and started rehydrating her, realizing that since taking it out, she hadn’t gotten any liquid. They also started a central line to administer what they call “milk” to her. The “milk” is a lot of nutrients and vitamins to get her stronger. She is very weak from not getting anything from all that food she consumed. They are waiting to see if the kink becomes “unkinked” or if she will need more surgery to fix it. Right now she is too weak and considered a bad candidate for surgery. It’s a waiting game and I hate this for her, for Jeff(my Mom’s fiance), myself and my siblings.  Seeing this, living this is hard. Both my parents have always been healthy. I’m thinking very positively and Travis has been amazing….watching the kids so I can so see her, going with me to be with her. I love how strong he is. It’s just hard. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. It’s hard not think about everything good your mother has every done for you when these kinds of scary things happen. It’s all I see running through my mind. I’ve explained (in a kid-friendly way) to Thing 1 and Thing 2 that Nanny(their name for her) has a boo boo in her tummy and the doctors are working to fix it. They are worried and upset, naturally. I’m trying to comfort them and I try to stay strong for them and quietly comfort myself. It’s hard. I’m scared.


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