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You know the dealio. Head on over to Keely’s and link up and play along with her random show. Great way to get all your sillies out. No, wait. That’s Yo, Gabba Gabba. Damn, I watch too much Nickelodeon. Anyways…..

Thing 1’s first ever Halloween party is this Friday. I am more excited than she is about it. I even have kitty ears and a tail and am painting my face to make it more fun. My mom never participated in these things so I cannot WAIT to be involved! I’m Co-Captain of the Mommies!!!

I’ve come to the delayed realizatization that, unless I want to pay for them, I’ll never again have perky boobs. I’m somewhat okay with this. I like to daydream about how they used to be prekids and I SWEAR TO YOU that had I known what they would look like now…I would have SO taken nudie pics of them just for myself to ogle and remember. No shame here!

As most of you know, I was recently very sick. I felt like death and got really worried about myself. I have never felt so bad in my entire life. I saw a mirror a few times and know I looked like death warmed over. My husband? Still thought some hanky panky was a good idea. That either speaks volumes about me or VOLUMES about him. Sicko!!

Thing 2 is still after many many MANY months in love with his precious penis. I know, it’s going to be a lifelong love affair. His newest awesome trick? “Mama! Look! My underoos hided my weenus!” Over and over he shows me it’s in there only to tuck it back in to show me his underwear hides it. AWESOME trick, son.

As you know, New Moon comes out in less than a month. Yes, I’m one of those freaks that is obsessed with vampires-namely Edward Cullen. In preparation for this, I’m reading my books..AGAIN and that means: DREAMS!! Lovely, slightly R-rated dreams about my(and Kimber’s) EWARD. I’ve been sleeping very well, in case you were wondering.

That’s about all the random I have right now. Happy Tuesday, girls and guys!!!


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It’s been quite a while since my last post. I feel bad because I haven’t written or commented on what I consider my friend’s blogs in a long time. I’m slacking and if you’re still reading me, I’m sorry. I promise to get better about this soon. With that being said, we are still battling sickies. Sickies of a different and more scary kind: the flu. We have all(minus the bionic Trav) been diagnosed w/ influenza B. We are all on Tamiflu. Other than low grade temps and some crankiness from the kids you can’t even tell they’re sick. Me? I’m miserable. My body aches, my head hurts, my throat is so sore that food holds no appeal to me, my chest burns, I have a constant and annoying cough, I run a fever and freeze and then it breaks and I sweat so bad that I have to change clothes….I’m sick! I wouldn’t have this any other way. I’m glad I’m the sicker of the 3. I’m glad the Things aren’t feeling the worst of it. I just wish I felt better so I could give them my 100%. I feel like I’m slacking in my Mommy Duties. Speaking of mommy duties, I have guilt. I feel responsible that my babies got the flu in the first place. I feel like if I had done more they wouldn’t have gotten sick in the first place. I’m kicking myself for not protecting them better. I have a very anal and particular after-school ritual that I never falter and it goes a little something like this:

1. Pick Thing 1 up from school.
2. Get in the car…germX the crap out of our hands.
3. Get home….take every single stitch of clothing off and wash our hands and faces.
4. Lysol dirty clothes before immediately putting them in the washing machine.
5. Lysoling our shoes and Thing 1’s backpack and leaving them in the garage to dry and kill germs.
6. Making sure after every cough, sneeze, restroom use that we wash our hands and/or use our hand sanitizer.

I have been doing this for weeks and I do this religiously every single day. I thought I was doing enough. Apparently not. Guilt. It’s a bitch.

All of the germs are coming from school. I know this for a fact. I have overheard many a mom saying things like “Well, Jimmy had a fever last night but he acted fine today and I really needed to get some stuff done at work today so I sent him to school.” School isn’t a free babysitter. Our pediatrician recommends keeping a sick kid home as long as it takes them to be fever free for 24 w/out the help of fever reducing meds. I’m so frustrated and upset and angry! Should I call the school, write a letter, sit and cry? Oh, wait! Did that last one. I want to keep my kids safe but I’m not sure how I do that when other people are being irresponsible and dumb about this whole flu season. When thinking about this, I hear Smokey the Bear: “Only YOU can prevent forest fires”…except in this instance it’s “Only YOU can prevent the spread of illness.” Would a damn cartoon bear makes those dumbasses listen?

Once again, I apologize for being MIA on your comment section on your blog. I promise to get better. I’ve been trying to read as much as possible. I hope you, lovely internet friends and your families, stay healthy. I don’t want anyone feeling like this!! Much love to you all!!!


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